My boyfriend has been a patient at the hospital for a month now, for a surgery that was intended to only involve being an in patient for 5 days. Although the surgery team is really good, the quality of the post-op care has been really low. With a few exceptions (a few nurses and PCAs have been nothing but kind to both of us). In the first few weeks, for instance, he had nurses literally forcing him to eat and pee when he clearly didn’t feel the need for any of those things. And we had to fight really hard to let him manage his own diabetes. But just last night was when it got really out of hand. He had a surgery, and that surgery meant he had to fast all day, which is pretty rough on a diabetic. In order to accommodate that he was promised glucose via IV, and it didn’t happen. So by the time he got out of surgery he was hypo glycemic, and dealing with a neighbour that talks to himself none stop, all night long. He hasn’t slept properly for 48 hours because of it, and everyone is simply ignoring the problem.