I called 911 and was taken to RVH with crippling back pains. I was treated nice by the paramedics but they didn’t offer me to lay down on a stretcher for comfort, I was put in the chair I stead. It was a very painful trip to say the least. The paramedic listened to my symptoms and said it sounded like a kidney stone.

I was put in a wheel chair and brought in where I was quickly registered at emergency triage but then put into a waiting room where I was left alone, crying, and in obvious pain. I was shivering and so I wheeled myself to another section to grab a blanket to cover up.

When I was finally brought in and put on a bed I was told I would be going for a scan and an ultrasound. They also said I would get a catheter put in to relieve pressure and Tylonel for the pain. Several hours went by, many unsuccessful trips to the bathroom and crying saying I just want to go pee and still nothing.

After 2 failed attempts to put an IV in (not their fault, my veins are uncooperative and it’s common, they finally got the IV in, she told me it would be bruised (oh yes it’s bruised) and then I laid down while they attached fluids to hydrate me. Shortly after, the fluids were stopped and I was taken for a scan. I was returned to my room where they did not reconnect my fluids. I waited a while and then they brought me Tylonel and reconnected my IV.

I finally managed to fall asleep (I honestly do not know how long I was asleep) but I was woken by the doctor (Dr. Waterman) where she asked me how I was feeling g and if there was pain. I told her no pain. She said the stone passed into my bladder because there was no sign of it on my scan and she wrote me a prescription for something to help with urine flow and sent me home. The following morning I woke up at 5:01am in excruciating pain again. I felt like it was starting all over again. I woke again at 6:01am & again at 7:01am, that’s when I contacted my boss and told him I was in no shape to come into work. Shortly after that I received a call from a Doctor from the ER asking how I was feeling g. I told him what I was going through,he then asked if I received a prescription for an antibiotic. I told him I hadn’t and he told me I had to come back to the hospital.

I went back to emerge where I was subjected to more blood work which left me in tears because I was already sore from the needles before, again my veins weren’t cooperating and I had 2 attempts before it worked.

I was then taken to where I got an ultrasound and then returned to a chair section (I wanted to lay on the floor I was in so much pain). I was then told I should have been given an antibiotic for the infection in my kidneys and the ecoli infection in my bladder. If I had gotten all this on the first visit I wouldn’t be suffering this bad today. Thanks Dr. Waterman, you put me through Hell. I feel like I’m dying. :'( How can you forget to prescribe an antibiotic when there is an infection present?


The nursing staff were super caring and sympathetic to my situation on June 10th but when dealing with someone suffering with pain like that, bed…NEVER chairs please!