I too had an awful experience with Dr. Beshay and Dr. Shamim.  I have Crohn’s Disease and had been hospitalized for it, in fact was hospitalized for 6 days in November with the chance of having to have surgery due to the development of a fistula.  A couple months later in January/February I had another flare-up and went immediately to the hospital (Emergency) as instructed in hopes of getting it under control and not suffering more damage.  I was seen by Dr. Shamim who was dismissive, rude and seemed unconcerned with my history and present state.  I was given a pain killer and sent home around midnight with a prescription which I had to get filled.  I was instructed to come back in the morning for a MRI.  I was in shock that I wasn’t kept overnight considering my history.  The painkiller eased the pain which in her opinion was reason to send me home?  The next day I got a call from the hospital saying that my MRI would be in 5 days.  Upset by this timeline and  in extreme pain called my doctor who told me to get back to the Hospital and tell the desk I am back for an MRI and needed to tell them to connect me to the GI on duty who would be expecting me.  I was admitted.  Dr. Beshay came into my room, closed the doors and said to me “who told you, you  could ask for a GI, that’s not how things work here…I make the decisions not you?”  I told her my doctor had sent me back with specific instructions and if as she contacted his office the information would be confirmed.  She said she was not allowed to contact a specialist.  She was condescending and unprofessional.  She kept standing with her arms folded staring at me and when I spoke would start sneering.  I felt unsafe and vulnerable and was desperate for someone to come to my aid.  She then proceeded to examine me but said  “I know I am not a specialist so I hope you are Ok with this” in a very condescending manner.  Later she came into my room and said “I contacted the GI you said was waiting for you which I am  not allowed to do, thankfully he is a good man and was willing to talk to me and told me he knows nothing about you and was given no instructions regarding your MRI”  while doing this she pretended to be holding a phone receiver. She then sent me for an MRI and afterwards sent me home with a prescription for Entocort which I had told her was not working for me.  The prescription itself was unable to be filled because she left out key information on the prescription.  I was left to pull out my own IV.  I was so desperate to get out of Emergency I didn’t even care that blood was everywhere, I cleaned it up with baby wipes I had in my purse and ran out as fast as I could.  I phoned my doctor and his receptionist told me I was suppose to be admitted after my MRI and the GI was in fact waiting for me and had been for hours, she had not contacted him.  She ordered her own MRI without contacting him?  According to my MRI results and my GI I was in active flare-up and should not have been sent home by either doctor.  I will never go to the Emergency at this hospital if these two doctors are on duty, I will call ahead.  I will go to either Credit Valley or The Burlington hospital.   In my opinion they are not concerned with patient care and are incompetent and cruel.  They made me fell  like I had no right to be there and was a waste of their time.  I have since filed a complaint with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.  They are currently under investigation.  I have always received good care at the hospital and have never had to complain but,  knew what happened to me was not right and am grateful that there are organizations that help patients who have been mistreated.  I am disappointed with the hospital itself for not reaching out to me after I sent them the copy of the letter I sent to the OCPS, in fact it has been 5 months.  By not doing so it sends a message that patient experience is not a concern to them.