Good Morning.


It has taken me a whole day to calm down and finally write this complaint. I had to attend TBRHSC on Tuesday May 2, 2017 @ approximately 9 PM with my 14-yr. old daughter. We walked in a very pleasant nurse took our details, and we were promptly sent to x-ray. We returned from x-ray to be immediately place in a room to see a Doctor. Dr. McGregor came in the room in a timely fashion, after over hearing the nurse and him discussing my daughter situation. Dr. McGregor asked us what brought us here this evening. As myself and my daughter started to explain he promptly dismissed cut us off like the last visit 1 yr. ago. He did not want to hear anything we had to say or explain. Once he left the room I could hear him chatting with the nurse at the station in regards to a patient a young aboriginal man about 15, in the next room. Dr. McGregor continued to mock this family “Oh I am having an allergy attack maybe it was something I ate. Maybe because I showered or maybe because I got dressed today like really” these were the words that came from his mouth 5 feet from me. I was appalled. At this point I am speechless. Dr. Zenetti then came into asses my daughter. He was very understanding and was really wanting to help her as she was in pain. He offered Ativan which she quickly refused, as she does not take any pain meds. He called the orthopedic surgeon on call for a second opinion. As Dr. Zenetti left the room Dr. McGregor stopped with and ask him about my daughter. Next, I hear Dr. McGregor state to Dr. Zenetti that “all she is looking for is pain meds” Dr. Zenetti quickly stated back to Dr. McGregor “I offered her some and she refuse, so she is not looking for meds”. Dr. McGregor quickly responded with “pfft”. You should be ashamed of yourselves allowing a Dr. with this attitude and lack of care and concern towards human beings to even practice medicine. I am still in shock and would like to discuss this further in detail. I am also going to the media both local and social in regards to this incident. This man has no right to be treating staff, patients, or anybody for that matter in this regard.


Thank you in advance.

Robin Perry