I have been abused and midiagnosed by doctors especially at emergency rooms since 1999 even to the point that i almost died of a bowel perforation and gps and psychiatrists refused to even do the test to show i had actually perforated[the bloodwork refected it] and i know it was a face[i almost died!] and still to this day i get abuse and no treatment or investigations into my advanced liver disease complications or very serious liver /gallbladder/heart disease cause the system is broken. And because i have mental illness in addition and once they label you in canada. No Doctor will ever oppose another doctors if you are misdiagnosed and physical problems are blamed on mental. In fact it is so corrupt that if you try to see another doctor for a unbiased opinion or help they will either defend the misdiagnosis of their colleages or if the doctor is fair enough to look at the whole story and sees there is misdiagnosis they will just not get involved at all. I was told by my family doctor that Alberta health services teaches at seminars to drop patients like me with mulitple health problems cause we cost the system to much money. And that the doctor in canada do not even have to take the hippocratic oath anymore in canada or at least alberta. It is all about money and nothing about helping human beings i have learned this from 40 years of abuse and mistreatment including being lied to by doctors, treated like a animal or piece of rubbish and even almost killed by ignorant arrogant incompetent doctors when i perforated my gut in 2002 in thunder bay ontario. But the corruption is worse now in calgary especially cause this city is overtaken by greed money lust. The sign when you drive into calgary says “Be part of the energy” But when you try get help or any compassion or love from anyone there isnt anyone everyone just cares about their jobs and saving money especially in the medical profession. I am being extreme there are some good people but he majority is run by this greed service to self money lust energy which is the mentality in calgary cause of the oil boom which has corrupted the city. Business is the opposite of spirituality which is love and compassion for your fellow human. And calgary is a business based city. But when it gets to the point of abusing humans and causing them severe mental stress its repulsive and that is what i have gotten from the medical profession in canada and especially calgary for about 30 years.