On the 2nd of Jan 2017 my baby (3 months old) got so sick and had a fever that reached more than 40c back then , I called the ambulance and they arrived and took my baby to the emergency
I kept waiting for around 10 hours (the whole timing)
As I was waiting for hours I got so nervous and I knew my baby’s fever was so high so I asked the nurse their -she was huge with moustache) I can recognize her if I see her again- asked her to check my baby’s fever as it’s too high, she refused , I insisted politely and told her it’s a baby and it might become severe and serious, she refused and said wait for your turn , she broke my heart as I felt my baby is suffering and making noises that she is really suffering I felt so bad , after half an hour I asked another nurse to check my baby temperature and she did , she found out it was 39.8 (almost 40) she ran quickly and get Advil for my baby , my baby was not responding at all , that was terrible, and then she sent me back to waiting area to wait again , the Dr cannot see her before her turn and it seems they don’t care if something serious happens to my baby (3 months old), after all , waiting and waiting and panicking and suffering ( as if I went to slaves hospital not humanbeings) the dr saw her and did urin test , then she said she has nothing go back home and don’t come back unless she faints , that shocked me , it was the worst that happens to me ever , I kept standing there holding my baby and wanted to see th doctor again as I didn’t believe what they are saying , the nurse told me aggressively: what are you still doing here? I said I want to see the doctor again , of course they refused and sent me back home with nothing, they only said to give my baby Tylenol when ever she has a fever and that’s it.
I asked to take a copy of the urine test they did , and sent it to my friend that is a doctor, she told me it shows that my baby has urine infection, I got shocked again , I took my baby right away to a walk in clinic and they recommended to go straight away to Sick kids hospital, I went there with my baby’s temperature 40.3 , she was not responding and almost dying, I was as crying and felt that it’s the end of the world .
They did everything they should do at the hospital and found out that she had urine infection and blood infection and kidney infection, they waited until late hour to send me to St Joseph hospital as they didn’t have vacancies and they couldn’t sent us to st Joseph hospital before my baby’s temperature gets down , once it got down at 2 am they sent us in ambulance to St Joseph , my baby has serious severe sickness and stayed for 11 days at the hospital
Since then she is having antibiotics until today , which is More than three months on antibiotics and still continuing
All of the because of the credit valley hospital that because of their carelessness and not doing their job probably and being not humanitarian at all
The infection spreads all over my baby’s body , it was only urine infection when I went there and because of them it became unrine , blood and kidney infection
They broke my heart as a mom and made my baby (3 months old) suffer and coasted the government a lot a lot of money to cure my baby
I’m asking you to do an action against all doctors and nurses who are causing severe sickness and might lead to death

All required documents are available on request

Samah G