The admitting desk at the Grey Nuns is absolutely horrible! the lady we had to deal with dismissed my Dad and I when my Dad had a medical emergency. She couldn’t have been bothered to even get out of her chair. My dad was losing a lot of blood I am talking huge amounts, spitting up blood in the waiting room and the lady could not care.. It took another nurse walking by to rush him into care. The lady at admitting was full of attitude and she was completely rude and showed no compassion. This was the worst night of our lives and instead of being treated like a patient we were treated like garbage. I am in awe that the lady in admitting has a job. If I treated people in the same manner that she treated us, I would find myself without a job. If she can’t show compassion or respect to those in need, she shouldn’t be in the medical field. or perhaps she should take some courses to better herself as she is the first face we see when we get there…It has been two days since the incident and I am still angry with the lack of care.. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.. If you are able to make it to another hospital.. go the extra mile. nothing is worse than being dismissed when you need care and attention and you are scared beyond belief.