Committed a sane man unjustly.(Malpractice)Dr head. Your sign= Abuse of the general public. This is where I am at. I have spoken to a class action law firm in Vancouver. To whom who cares,

My name is Jason Foran, I moved to powell river from Roberts Creek, B.C. with a friendĀ  to start up my painting company and continue producing music and art.

The first job myself and my friend did was for lisa anderson and reginald newmark. We were both ripped off, me for 8000.00+Damages to many valuable personal items. My friend 900.00+ I had paid him out of my pocket for them until they paid him another 500.00 and lisa threatened my friend and told him that he would never see his 5 year old daughter again, threatened a 5 year old girl… The police report if not tampered with can explain the other two pages of criminal actions taken against myself and my friend by mainly lisa and reginald backing her up because he is scared of her.

I filled at small claims for the case with lisa and reginald.

I called the police twice while lisa was damaging all my person items and damaging my vehicles and nothing. They sat there and watched and did not enforce the law.

lisa had someone steel my motorcycle helmet. I tracked it down and reported it to the police at which time the police took it and told me I would get it back in three days. I called them and wrote them for months until I showed up at the station demanding the helmet.

Not long after I got my helmet back I was visited by an officer kicking down my door asking me for a drivers license that I was told would be in the mail. I had a temporary.

The officer then threw me down on my back porch without any notice of what was going on. Then my house was surrounded by police withing 1-2 minutes and several of them came in my yard with police vehicles surrounding my house on all sides. They were purposefully very intimidating using all kinds of entrapment techniques.
My skate board was stolen from my house.The police stole my skateboard because it was missing when I got back. I was the only one there. It was there when they took me down to the station and the doors were locked when I came back and my cell phone was stolen with the incriminating evidence on it not long after…

They brought me down to the police station while several police surrounded me there while asking me to walk a straight line… After that… They brought me down to get a psychiatric evaluation of which Dr head committed me for no reason.

Then Dr Ramirez questioned me far outside of the relevance of what was going on and asked me if I knew anyone in the United States, asked me who I told this information to. Many questions about who I knew and who I had told…

She released me and deemed me totally sane.

Not long after that while I was playing music in my studio in the basement 2 days before the small claims court hearing settlement conference at roughly 9 or 10 o-clock the police show up at my door again and again with no reason they put me if cuffs and again brought me down to the police station and put me in a cell for the night and again brought me to the Hospital for psychiatric evaluation…

The local businesses around my house all stated acting condescending to me. Any time I would go out I would see the same vehicles following me around progressively as well a few with vehicles that started circling my house, ie; wood chippers, garbage trucks, recycling trucks, cement trucks…

I had two bikers in full dress park out front of my house staring directly at me on my porch for 10 minutes straight without looking away.

I was enrolled in community futures and I was on par or advanced from the other students in excellent rapport with the instructor. The program dropped me weeks before the business could launch with no reason given…

The Patricia theater across from the two story house is was renting in a good neighborhood was hosting a multicultural week with the Rotary club sponsoring in part the event. Being an artist I thought it would be a good time to put up my art in the windows and on the porch of which none of it was anything offensive to anyone including children of any race or religion.

Two nights after I put up my art again the police show up at my door. They asked concerned as they have done every time they pulled these tricks if there was anyone else in the house… ( They were concerned with No witnesses.) They put me in hand cuffs again and held me against my will with no reason other than the ones they keep making up for reasons I am not sure of.

Conclusively I believe I was blacklisted. So many laws were broken including the window out of my house by the nazi neighbor.

I am a Christian man. My mother and my grandmother were as well Christians. After not praying for over 30 years… In the middle of all this going on I did not know who else to turn to seeing everyone was for treating me as so I prayed to god.

I had a spiritual experience.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Foran