Recently had a very bad and embarrassing experience at Credit Valley Hospital ICU – B Ward.  I had to take my Visitor mom into emergency due to shortness of breath. She was immediately admitted to ICU and the level of service and the knowledge of the doctors and behavior of nurses on duty is shameful, rather Aweful!!!! If you are so frustrated at your job, get out of this service industry. Doctors started doing tests and no one test whats going on and why they are doing. Once they know she is vistor, they ask insurance and the cheating Visitors starts which shames this Country called Canada that we are proud of. This is what visitors carry there. They should be punished as national traitor. Doctors change every day and they don’t look at history. They started asking old history of years in home country. We asked about the diagnosis based on their tests and their results, they were clueless as if want to see the old report and cheat the results. They couldn’t identify issue for 2 days. keep trying medications.

They admitted to us after 1 day and no room given. We were in ICU for another day at mercy of nurses. As long another person is sitting along the patient, they check once in a while. Once I was gone, no one checks. My mother was too weak to getup or talk (thats why she was in ICU in first place). The nurse always keep checking smart phones. When called for water, they come after 1 Hr and rudely ask what you need (as if they are doing big favors instead of thier job). One nurse names OLGA was terrible even with me. anyways, my mon asked for water to drink. she left and came back after 3 Hrs with iced water. food was served, but no one bothered to tell patient that they can eat or help little in opening packaging. ICU is not hotel, they patients are in critical condition and need assistance.

Even after her pain had subsided and I requested the doctor on duty to let her go home, the doctor on Duty for the night pressurized us to have my mom admitted to the hospital so that proper diagnosis could be done.  thanks to the stubborn emergency nurses that refused to listen to our problem and instead made faces and spoke rudely to us, my mom could’t eat or drink water for 4-5 Hrs. she gave up in end as she has to go to bathroom. I requested 2-3 times.

She was kept in hospital for 5 days and we were scared about various complications by doctors, without telling what tests say and what treatment are they doing. My mom refused to stay at the hospital any longer and she felt so humiliated and ashamed.

And the worst shocker was the $3,085.00 /per day charge  for the room that was made available to my mom after 1 day. she was not even given any service there.

It is so embarrassing that a well known hospital like Credit Valley in a first world country like Canada has nurses with such bad attitude and behavioral issues and Doctors that provide false and misleading information and misguide uninsured patients and their families.

Till date my mom talks about the bad treatment she received at a Canadian Hospitals. I always think “Am I in safe hands when I will need them”

Even in countries like India, which is considered a third world country, the hospitals, staff, nurses and the treatment that the patients receive is 100 times better than what my mom received in emergency in this country.

I hope some action is taken and I am going to raise this issue with the hospitals Patient Relations office as well.