the triage nurse (Rudy Pedri) was very disrespectful to me during my visit to the hospital. upon arriving at the hospital I found nobody at the front desk or there to assist me at all. I walked towards the back and that is where I met Rudy. He told me to stop pacing around that I needed to sit in the red chairs where the camera could see me in order for them to know I am here. I asked how I was supposed to know that and he told me to stop yelling (I wasn’t yelling) and that he would leave until I calmed down. I waited several minutes and than complained that I was having chest pains (which I was), and so he came back and rather than tending to me he gave me a rude look and asked me if I was ready to calm down. At this point I didn’t trust this man and asked if there was someone else there who could help me. He explained that he was the only triage nurse and that I would have to wait several hours for someone else. I decided to just go to a better hospital. I was very upset though with there service and so I stopped at the administration desk and politely asked for the triage nurses name and explained that I would be lodging a complaint against him. I had to ask several times; she really didn’t want to. She would only give me his first name and insisted that I go into the back and ask him myself. Wen I did Rudy was reluctant to tell me his last name aswell. I also asked for a number of the manger of the hospital. When I got home and called the number it was for the administration desk at the hospital – same woman that gave me the number. I was really distraught as all this happened – I was very sick and vomiting. I had stayed home from work that day so that I could get help from a doctor. Alliston Memorial; not much help there.