I am filing a formal complaint against Revia, Social Worker assigned to my Father Ed Chyzewski staying on 1M-16. I am his POA.

Her continual badgering to have my dad discharged has become a form of harassment and bullying. She is speaking with him directly and I have a voice message from him this morning stating she is telling him he has to be out tonight, which proves he is not capable of handling the info she is conveying and he is being intimidated. Since the beginning of this week she has repeatedly told me and him he needs to leave by Monday the 9th. As of yesterday I have secured a room for him at Cobblestone Retirement in  Thorold and I should have it confirmed today of when his room will be ready-possibly 10 days. We spoke with Dr. Shukola after viewing the retirement home yesterday and he agreed my Dad could stay another 10 days. I do know that the Nursing home has been in touch with REvia today as well.

Her behavior is unprofessional and uncaring.

I ask that you re-assign my Dad to another social worker, that REvia not contact my dad again. And if she does I will be filing a restraining order. Her actions are stressful to my Father who up until now has been recovering well from a serious depression. I don’t want him being pushed into a relapse by not having the proper care prior to moving into his permanent place of residence