good day

iam out of town…my mother when i finally got a hold of her at 12 noon was incoherent couldnt get up and all around not right ….now in hinsight i should of just called 911 …but as she is on alarm systems i called my brother who works around the corner….now he decided just to get her to hospitalgr….now this women is 82 years old has 4 stints….she is weak is slurring and has crones disease …..she sat with my brother in er last in waiting room for 8 hrs  …i find this appalling disgraceful and degrading …my brother went up several times and was told she was next i called and my sister called and were told the same lie we were both told she was being accessed  ….they were also told she had diarrhea the night before ….iam confused on what they class a emergency as slurring to me is a emergency iam behind pissed at the treatment of my sick mother …who has low blood pressure is severally dehydrated and has a perforated bowel which took 8 hrs to finally get a dr and a bed….at the least common practice should of been hooking her up to a iv at least  horrid horrid treatment i would complain to hospital but their pages do not work