I recently came back from The emergency department and I went there because I was concerned my toe injury was becoming dark red and some drainage was present.

Im a 36 year old male, 22 year diabetic, on insulin and long history of foot injuries and infections, my most recent infection reached the bone and was on IV antibiotics for two months.


When I was approached by the doctor he didn’t introduce himself to and asked me what was wrong. I told him my concerns and gave him a complete history, what treatments and what precautions I was taking. Cleaning and dressing it with silver dressings and even with those precautions the site was a becoming darker and stickier.


He said nothing about antibiotic and went out of the room and only gave me a band aid in the most happy go lucky, almost insultingly chipper manner. I’m returning tomorrow and if the doctor on call says different or does more I’m filing a formal complaint.