Went to Napanee er today as I had been vomiting 12 hours straight and was so dehydrated I couldn’t bare to take it any longer and I had pre warned the nurses I was very dizzy and felt as if I may pass out so than they through me in the waiting room and that didn’t last long as my condition worsened and I could not control my violent dee heaves so I was told to go back into triage where the nurse just got up and left for break as I was there but than the next one came out to me laying in my puke as I had gotten so dizzy I fell off my chair. This is when it gets interesting the nurse told a few people complaining about me laying in my puke so she comes out and goes come on get up your holding people up the only strength I had at the point was enough to get up and try not to show my anger as I was so pissed off. This is not my first bad experience here and it seems to be getting worse my recommendation is drive to picton or Belleville where they have an excellent staff that can see the more urgent patience