I understand that the health care system has many flaws, but the Owen Sound Hospital is atrocious. Out of everyone there I have had to interact with (doctors, nurses, specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, etc.) I have only had a good experience with maybe 10 staff. So 10 people out of give or take 100-150 staff. One doctor ignored everything I told her, told me I was lying about my symptoms and did nothing about any of it. At the time I had no GP. I now have to see specialists because I am having numerous problems. A psychiatrist got my licence suspended in April 2015 and gave me no reason for it, then went out and told the nurses and wrote in my file that it was due to the medications I was taking. I was not taking any medications at the time. To this day I still have not got my licence back. I have numerous other bad experiences. There are no good words to describe this hospital whatsoever. This building is a disgrace to Owen Sound.