We have been unable to get proper care for our son – in -law at the hospital here in Thunder Bay, he is severely diabetic and blind .Our complaint is with the  Dr.Watson and Dr.Webster and Dr.Schoales .While in dialysis 4 times a week,he hears Dr.Watson ask how he is ,but when he  answers, the nurses tell him the Dr. has left. Being blind he cannot see him go.He has been to Emerg 3 times this week and is sent home unable to breathe due to fluid build- up he is there for several hours .His body is so bloated his skin is splitting.Yet the Drs. wont sign forms for them to get some outside help ,he is home alone all day while my daughter works and he falls and runs into walls,etc.All agencies need verification of his health problems.Perhaps your department can advise us as to what can be done.Thank You