I moved to fort frances 2 months ago and I needed to see a doctor. My blood pressure will not go down and I’ve had chest pain my blood pressure reading in triage was apprx 170/110. I waited 5 hours in emerge when another patient said she had been waiting since 9:30am (which meant that patient was waiting over 9 hrs. I asked the receptionist how much longer and she responded with there is only one doctor and they have to take the ambulance patience first. since she advised me of another 4-5 hour wait- I decided to go home. I took an extra blood pressure pill and then found myself back in emerge a week and a half later. this time with similar but slightly different symptoms. chest pain had subsided slightly but even with a blood pressure pill I was still not able to get blood pressure under 170/110. My blood pressure was still high going in and I actually saw a doctor within two hours. She did a swab test and verified I did have an infection and we talked about all of my other symptoms. She asked me about my history of kidney and ovarian disease and my past miscarriage. The doctor did not do any other tests, she just said shed call when the results came back and they’d prescribe antibiotics.  After 4 days I hadn’t heard back so I called the hospital. Spoke to reception in emerge and they had no record of me being in the hospital ever! I said I still had my wrist band and I knew that I had an infection. She then transferred me to the nursing station in emerge and I spoke to a male. I advised him of the time and date I was in the hospital emergency. He couldn’t even tell me who the doctor I saw was even though she was the only one working on Sunday November 27th 2016. He again confirmed that they have no record of me being in the hospital so they are unable to get my test results.  They advised me that the only suggestion is to return to emerge and wait to see another doctor. I have tried to get contact information from the hospital website to file a complaint but I have found no email anywhere on the site. For so many board of directors sitting on the sunshine list, you would think they could have better patient services??!