This hospital is a complete nightmare I had been in a vicious fight with a criminal and had been stabbed. I waited way too long in the waiting room last person actually they wouldn’t let me even have a water. I was losing blood sitting in a wheelchair and was tired so I went for smoke because I wanted to stay awake, they the triage and paramedic yelled insults at me gave me dirty looks and kept making rude comments to me and my 75 year old father who was with me like saying my name out loud mocking me for smoking, saying I must be okay if I can do that, saying my name out loud etc.. I went in last and I finally got stitches the doctor did it in the supply room many staff came in and out over 10 people I was only an hour or so, the doctor was rude as well and didn’t give me any medicine wtf? Fuck that place the entire staff even the nurses show no respect and are amateurs I had a flu, a swollen face, bruises on my knees and had to get stitches for being stabbed and fighter of an attacker etc.. no help no respect a dump.