I find it rather rude when you are going about your business at Etobicoke General Hospital when someone comes out of their office in the Volenteer department and accuses you without even identifying themselves that you are the person responsible for constantly filling up the shredding bin.  The bins are located in the hallways and not in your office area therefore the bins can and should be used by any individual when and if necessary.  Your accusations were unfounded and unless you have proof that an individual which you can identify is in fact constantly filling up the bin so that you are not able to use it you should mind your own business.  I was under the impression that the Volenteer department was there for the patients of the hospital and not just a place to come to for socializing amongst your peers.  When did that department turn into the security department.  I think you should concentrate on what you were hired to do unless your job description included security for the shredding bins for which I am sure your getting paid far to much.  The other issue I have is that I find Etobicoke General Hospital a health risk in cleansiness from the Emergency Department to the public bathrooms.  I would definitely give it a zero out of ten.  Also the moral at this hospital for their employees is very low. This hospital has become a hospital dedicated to how much money can they get.  It’s no longer considered a hospital for the people.  It’s considered a financial institution to make money and not care about the people.  No respect for their employees, no respect for the physicians that works there.  But especially no respect for all the ill people who need to be there.  It just comes down to the dollar amount these days.  Just ask the finance department.