I went to the Humber River hospital at Wilson to do an MRI procedure and during the procedure I heard extremely loud noise and complaint to the technician and he said it is normal.  After I came out of the machine my ear was blocked and when I went home I noticed a ringing in my left ear and it is continuous and now it is eight months and still suffering from the same problem.

I did the MRI on February 23, 2016 at Humber River Hospital (1235 Wilson Av).  I called the Hospital and talked to the technician and complained about my ear ringing and he said it should go away within one week.  I went to my family doctor who referred me to the ENT doctor.  When I visited the ENT doctor he said that my ear had tinnitus and it does not go away.  I asked my family doctor to see different ENT doctor who had told me the same thing.   This issue have severe results on my life and put me in high depression and lack of sleep.   I’m seeking a formal complaint for investigating this incident as I’m suffering too much because of negligence of correctly using the MRI equipment.