Hi to whom this may concern,

I am not one to complain about the service, especially from the hospital where people work very hard everyday. There is something that isn’t quite sitting right with me. I will keep this very simple. The day I arrived at the hospital October 26th 2016. My father arrived in an ambulance, which I was uncomfortable knowing he was waiting in the back and didn’t understand English. The administration had said they would come get me as soon as he had a bed. I did not want to be a nuisance so I sat patiently waiting. Around 9pm the paramedic had said to me that she was going off shift but they had found my dad a bed and would probably be getting moved shortly. Which I waiting patiently ( knowing the last thing the administration needed from me was to continuously ask where he was.) I waited until 1130 pm before I had asked at which this point they had already moved my father in the back and changed his clothes and started working on him. Without me translating this to him he had no idea what was going on. Once I had met with the doctor they decided they were admitting him and so I stayed till around 2:30-3 am. At this point I had asked the nurses for a blanket which she had point to where they were and then stated to me ” Oh I guess you wouldn’t have gotten them yourself because it says Staff Only”.


Uncomfortable as I was I had no choice but to leave and get some rest. I came back the next day and had miss his doctor in the morning. Dr Cameron. I had sat in his room patiently again from 9:30am-7pm ( in this time I had wanted to speak directly to his doctor as to what the game plan from there was.) His nurse was wonderful, she was kind and was very patient the fact my dad didn’t speak English. She had paged the doctor a few times which she still had not come to see me ( again very understanding that she does have patients in critical care and could not come see me immediately)

I feel as the doctor gave her grief for even letting her know twice I had requested her. At that point I even would have settled for her calling down to speak to me.

I hadn’t seen Dr. Cameron since the day my dad was admitted. She phoned me once to get approval from me that he needed a blood transfusion the Friday following the 26th. Which I apologized if I unconvinced her the night before and tried to have her understand my worry about leaving the hospital because of the language barrier.

Yesterday November 10th 2016. I had a meeting with CCAC and the discharge (Sandy). We met around 1030am and we spoke till about 11:15. I had started getting my gown on to head into to see my dad where Dr. Cameron had passed me in the hallways and I said hi and smiled at her for no response. I had gone in and seen my dad and during my visit I had noticed these large hives (filled with liquid) they looked like an allergic reaction to some type of medication. His nurse Amy had agreed and said she would get to the bottom of it with Dr. Cameron. I was late for my meeting at 12pm so I had to go and his nurse did mention she would call to let me know. This did not happen. I called around 730pm the night of the 10th and spoke with Amy directly.. she made two responses that did not sit well with me over the night.


“Dr.Cameron is very busy”,

“She did not seem concerned it was a medication reaction”

“I had asked her to come see them and she responded to the nurse that she wasn’t concerned it was reaction”

The nurse did not agree with me but did not disagree that my concern was a allergic reaction, and that all she could do was ask Dr Cameron again in the morning. –


I feel that this may have all been because I had asked her to come speak with me the day after my dad was admitted. When Dr. Cameron came down to see me she was furious the fact I had asked her to speak with me. Her body language said it all. I feel really terrible we were off to such a bad start, I just want to make sure my dads not at a disadvantage because of all of this. The hives on his arm looked the size of a toonie and looked as if the bubble was from something that burnt your skin.  I understand she is a very busy woman, so I didn’t pester and I didn’t demand I did wait 7 -hours to speak with her.


I really hope I am wrong. I just wanted to share my thought with someone. I have not been demanding or unrealistic. After my phone call last night I was worried sick “what if he cant breathe” and with the language barrier and his hands he may not have been able to explain to his nurses that he is not feeling right. I DO NOT want him to be at a disadvantage because of my encounter with Dr.

Cameron but I cannot help but feel he is.


I greatly appreciate your time today.


Lisa Seto