Unfortunately, I had to visit the ER once again for a bowel blockage (21-09-2016) in the morning (about 9:30 am.) yet for some strange reason was denied my anti-seizure medication because the nurse kept saying that the dr. had to approve. The entire day went by, and I kept asking only to be denied several more times, (even though I had brought my own pills) and had been told before to take them with only a small sip of water! I stayed in the ER overnight and when the blockage had seemingly passed then I was released to secure a bone scan in the same hospital. To make a long story short, this┬ácaused a seizure a few days afterwards which in turn resulted in the loss of my drivers’ license. Not only should this not have happened, but it should somehow be recorded on my chart that I need to take this medication regularly. I have a drug sheet on my person (which describes the meds. that I am on, the dosages, times, etc.) so there is not a need for a mix-up!!

This is not a complaint with the intention of getting anyone in trouble but a strong concern!!!

Thanks for your attention to this matter and looking forward to your prompt response… .