Unfortunately, I was taken into the ER by ambulance (23-09-2016) and later diagnosed with a probable seizure and unresolved bowel blockage. Nevertheless, I have several matters that were of concern about my time of medical crisis.

Firstly, I was concerned about being put in a room (when admitted on the floor) that was not only co-ed. but the male had a security guard on him that was later removed for his convenience but put me and the other lady in the room decidedly at possible risk! There was also a blatant lack of hygiene in that he (the other patient) would urinate all over the bathroom floor and I would have to notify the nurse before entering; now I ask if this is really my job as an obviously ill person; don’t I have the right to expect some cleanliness during my hospitalization?

In addition, I felt bullied into perhaps  giving permission (both verbal and written) for an MRI. I have a metal plate in my head from a previous operation and both my son, an advanced care paramedic, other family members and myself had apprised both the nurses and drs. of that. I cannot tell you the great amount of frustration and sadness this has caused because not being listened to is undeniably unacceptable not to mention the fact that I could have instantly died from that procedure (MRI)… .Consequently,  I asked again to speak to the dr. and told him of the journey that I had already been on at North York General Hospital wherein a panel were directly responding to a request from The Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Campus, as a pre-test to a liver biopsy.  As well as having been told that I have several additional chronic conditions, I now live with GIST; an advanced, terminal and metastatic cancer!!

So too, I want to mention the fact that the surgeon desperately wanted to do what surgeons do well, and that is to operate on my bowel!!! When I discussed with him the fact that a well known surgical oncologist in Toronto had denied the referral to do so having been sought after by another  medical oncologist at The Odette Centre, Sunnybrook Campus, and recommended to me that I come to him for any problems, the said surgeon in Port Perry proceeded in saying that he had called Dr. Stotland himself (someone that had trained him years ago) and he said to him that he didn’t expect me to live so long so go ahead and do whatever he felt right. I am sorry to say that I don’t believe this and remain concerned because this is my Life we are talking about and I worry that if I was in a state of not being able to speak up for myself then I would face great difficulties or premature death… .

This is not a complaint to get anyone into trouble yet merely to point out where shortfalls in the system lie… . I realize that there are ‘cut-backs’ but obviously these are not appropriate if they compromise a patients care… . Hopefully, these concerns can be somehow highlighted in my file for future reference… .

Thanks for your attention to these matters and I look forward to your review and response.