‚ÄčHello I am contacting you on behalf of my wife.  Over the past 9 months she has been in and out of Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington for what he have now found out is a Peri Anal abscess. We were advised today by one of the first Surgeons we saw to file a complaint. The treatment and run around she has received has been absolutely shocking. As a member of this community I have donated my own money to this hospital and have fundraised for them on many occasions.  We are very upset about the lack of respect and caring she has received. We are now here for her third surgery for the same issue and have been through numerous surgeons. Her records have been incorrect and incomplete at times and we have had to advise doctors many times of previous procedures and scans she has already received that haven’t worked to try and expedite the process. The store goes on and on and we would love to explain it more.  We only want to make our store known so that the system can be corrected and no one else has to endure the pain and frustration my wife has.

Please advise us on how to take this issue further.

Brad Hails

Submitted via email