My mother went into emergency for the nth time last night at 9pm.  Her bp was upwards to 190 with chest pains.  She has had 1o heart attacks, has six stents, and has also been diagnosed with unstable angina.  She has been instructed by her doctor to go to emergency EVERY time she experiences any chest pains, or has high blood pressure.  This means that she’s now been in and out of emergency several times over the past few months, and most recently this week, several times, almost every day/night.  On September 12th, my mother called 911, was taken to emergency at Lakeridge Health, and after taking her BP, was left unattended in the waiting room until 2:00am, at which time she called a cab and went home.  This is unacceptable.  I cannot attend with my mother every time she has an episode or I will lose my job.  If I have to attend each to as her advocate, we have an issue.  Sadly, I am sure the hospital sees my mother as a repeat offender, and are no longer taking her seriously.  This mentality is now placing my mother in grave danger.