I brought my child for treatment (during night) My child suffers of anxiety disorder. She had an overdose and  i brought her  to be treated.  she arrived via ambulance. she was put in a hallway.  There was no beds. which is understandable, it is a very busy hospital.  On arrival  no staff came to see how she was.  By accident she pulled the Intravenous extension she had on her hand put on by paramedics. One nurse was informed, when she came to put a bandage, because my child was bleeding., didnt even say hello.  Then another nurse came and said you will be transfer to another section,  well another hallway., where then started treatment 3 hours after arrival.  Again the nurse assigned to my child , no explanation of what where they going to do. She just started to do things , like looking for veins to start an intravenous, connecting her to a monitor etc. I had to ask with every single thing she did. She did not introduce herself at all. I had to  ask her name so i would know who to call. my child’s respiration were very shallow and prolonged at least 6 respiration per minute. Heart rate was elevated and blood pressure low. According to the ECG results, that i happened to see when nurse put it on the table, said “abnormal ECG” ,  and was having some arrythmias as well. The cardiac monitor went off several times into read alarms. Bradycardia, 4-6 respiration per minute. She did not once looked at the monitor and we were just in front of nurses station. I kept making sure my child was breathing. A Dr came over, very nice Dr.(the only nice person) he was very busy. But assessed my child and told me about the inmediate plan of care.  It took at least 5 hrs for my child to start to get better. she finally settled to sleep.  12 hrs after arrival i asked for what were the plans for the day.  They said my child was going to be assessed by a psychiatrist but had a lot of patients waiting to be seen before my child.  I kept inquiring throughout the day, but nothing. Then in the evening by 7 pm,  20 hrs after, They said we would be transfer to MHASUMental assessment unit .But they were waiting for a bed.  but i want to say that no one approached me to give me this information, i had to ask all he time. mind you we were still in the same hallway. and at this point  i knew we were not going to be seen by a Psychiatrist. Once the my child was medical stable and found a bed my child was transferred to MHASU. There the night nurse never approached me and my child until 7 am, at he end of shift wanting to do a set of vital signs. and got upset because my child had still her clothe on and not a hospital gown. she also asked about if she had gone to the washroom at all otherwise she will have to scan her bladder for any issues. I said she did go. Then she said well i have no record of it!  in very rude manner.  she wanted my child, who was asleep at that time to get up to the washroom. So i was trying to keep calm. but i said yes she already went to the washroom several times, whom by the way, nobody helped me, my child could not even walk because was unsteady. An she said “well i am trying to do my job only”.  And i thought to myself at the end of your shift!??. I was so upset, i myself have not been able to sleep for 2 nights, how can i when your child id not well plus sitting i a chair. Reality is that no one cared, no one showed a kind word at least or someone to say hang in there. We were there till next day at 9 am when finally a psychiatrist assessed my child an got discharged after 5 min  assessment.  I know the system is Not perfect and there is a a lot of budget cuts. And health care workers are under a lot of stress themselves. But patients and families needs to be informed. let them be part of treatment get them involve. it is not to much to ask. The whole care system has become a business only, making money jobs. The core values of nursing or physicians are gone. Florence Nightingale would be ashamed of nursing now days.