Hello Sir/Madam,


I am Sapna Mehta residing at 2 – 19 Champlain St, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0, would like to file a complaint regarding charges I have been charged by Deep River District Hospital. It is totally inappropriate and literally exploitation for newly landed immigrants.

I had visited Deep River District Hospital on July 07, 2016 with my husband Yatin Shah because of swelling on my face and I had pain as well. Dr. Kipp Kathryn prescribed APO-CLINDAMYCIN 300 mg and I gave some blood samples to get more information about my disease as Dr. Kipp was not able to diagnosed. Unfortunately, medicines did not work and my condition was worst. Consequently, I had to visit again on July 09, 2016. Where, Dr. Sandeep Nagpal had attended me. My husband and I had inquired about infection, but Dr. Sandeep was not able to say anything. So, he requested to come next day to get information and increased the dose of APO-CLINDAMYCIN 300 mg to 450 mg. I was feeling better because of increased dosage of medicine, however my husband and I went on July 10, 2016 to get information about my infection.

We met the same nurse that Dr. Sandeep suggested a day before. She asked us to wait in room as she is not sure about infection, so doctor will come and let us know. We never been informed that they gone charge of this visit to get information.

We got invoice on around July 19, 2016 and we shocked as hospital has been charged for every visit. My husband spoke with Stacey on July 19, 2016 at 11:35 am and explained everything, but she did not convince. Stacey said that she will convey our information to her supervisor and supervisor will call back. Also, my husband Yatin said that we should not be charged for second visit, however we will pay for that, but not for last visit just to get information. Moreover, Yatin asked for escalation matrix and arbitration option that still we did not know. We did not receive call back from hospital. Hence, Yatin called again on July 21, 2016 at 9:05 am and spoke with Morris. He said Stacey is on vacation and since she knows about problem contact back on July 25, 2016.

Yatin took time off from work and went to hospital om July 26, 2016 making appointment with Stacey at 3:30 pm. Yatin denied to pay registration and doctor’s charges for last visit ($335 + $133.33). Yatin paid rest of all payment $1005 including lab charges ($335). Stacey said that we will review and let you know in couple of days.

As usual we did not get back regarding charges for last visit. So, we assume that they have waived off. We again visited Deep River District Hospital on August 4, 2016 as I was feeling dizziness and vomiting sensation. We received invoice from Lab and hospital around August 16, 2016. Yatin had paid Lab bill online and called hospital to pay their bill over the phone. Yatin spoke with Stacey and requested to proceed payment for visit on August 04, 2016. Stacey asked for last visit payment ($335 + $133.33) again and giving threat that hospital will send this bill to collection and it will affect my credit as well if we will not pay.

We would like to mentioned that we had visited Deep river many times till today and we paid our all bills, but we cannot pay for visit on July 10, 2016 to get information about infection. Still, we do not have information that what kind of infection I had?

Not only us, but also other should not be charge to get information about their health issue. Everyone has rights to know. I would like you to take necessary step and help us in this matter.