hi ,I sent an email yesterday but had some names errors,this is the correct one and please read it,it’s very important ,thanks

Hi dear
This is a complaint letter.
On Sunday July the 24th, my wife’s
(Suyeong Kim) water broke at 4:20am at home while sleeping so I drove her to South Lake hospital in Newmarket, Ontario. After her assessment they took her to a labor room and we were assisted by a nurse, Jackie. She was with us almost until 5 pm same day. When her shift was done another nurse Cherly was in charge until baby came out which is 12:15 am Monday July the 25th. About an hour or two prior to delivery Cherly brought a hot rough towel and rubbed around my wife’s private area and she peeled off 2 pieces of skin with that hot towel and she realized her mistake immediately and apologized to my wife but my wife didn’t know what is going on or what she is talking about due to numbness from epidural(until the numbness had gone away). My wife had 3rd degree tear while delivering so OB had to stitch her tear. We got transferred to a private room as we requested. We did not want to stay longer than 36hrs at the hospital (we wanted to leave even earlier but stay for at least 24hrs). My wife, close to 24hrs mark, asked a nurse (at some point a student nurse started take care of my wife) who was in charge so many times if OB is in the hospital so that we can be checked and be  released. They kept us long hours to about 38 hours due to not having OB at the hospital. In midnight, Cherly came to our room one time to check on my wife and she said sorry again for her mistake (even though she wasn’t in charge at that time). Let me ask you something, how can someone whom just delivered a baby and had 3rd degree tear with such a critical condition happened because of nurse’s mistake be released without OB seeing her?
So we came back home and the situation got worse. The area (close to anal) where skin got peeled got  infected. My wife has been isolated  in her bed since we came back from the hospital and her basic life is gone( just image yourself not able to walk and sit other than lying on the bed almost all day with a lot of pain ). If mother-in-law didn’t come here for my wife all the way from Korea God knows what would happen. I can’t go to work and have to be home to take care of baby and my wife and help her breastfeeding which could’ve been easy, beautiful and precious time if this incident did not happened. She is emotionally broken down and She is in so much pain. It’s very hard for me to see her going through a lot. We went to emergency at South Lake at 12:30 am on Monday August the 1st because my wife did not feel it getting any better but worse. We were there for many hours to be seen and Dr A.Shum came and saw her and he was very sorry and apologized for our bad experience we had at birthing center and he gave us a prescription for antibiotics and strong pain killers. We also visited a family doctor later to check and she said its 2nd degree burn.
1.Doctor Joutsi should have responsible for discharging us without coming in person and  not checking on my wife
2.Nurse Cherly must be responsible for the burn that she made
3.SouthLake Hospital should be responsible for letting us go without OB seeing my wife’s condition and sending us a student nurse
Eric Kim (husband)
Tel 6474668222