Hi dear
This is a complain
On Sunday July 24th my wife
(Suyeong kim) water brook at 4,20 am,I drove her to hospital ,after assessment they took her to labor room,first we were assisted by nurse jacky,she was with us almost until 5 pm,after her shift is done ,Annmarie s.timoll was the person in charge ,until 12.15 am on Monday July 25 th our baby girl was born,during the labor which was about 18 hours,our second nurse Annmarie ,in one point about hour or two prior to final delivery,she brought hot rough towel and robbed around my wife’s private area ,and she pealed off 2 big chunks of skin with that towel,why did she do that?and immediately she realized her mistake and apologizing to my wife,but my wife didn’t know what is going on due to numbness of appiderol,any how,becouse of the baby delivery my wife had 3th degree tare so OB had to stitch her,long story short,after delivery we got transferred to as I requested private room,they kept us long hours about 38 hours due to not having OB at the hospital,in midnight our nurse Annemarie came to the room ones to check on my wife and was sorry again for her mistake .
prior to our discharge from hospital the nurse whom was taking care of my wife in recovery room was a STUDENT nurse ,finally she came to room and said they phoned OB (M.qureshi) and he said we are allowed to be released from hospital ,let me ask you something ,how can someone whom just had labor and had 3rd degree tare with such a critical condition happened because of nurses mistake will be released with out OB seeng her?
Any how we came home,the situation got worse,the pealed skin area (by nurse )is been infected ,my wife is been icelated in her bed,if her mother wasn’t here God knows what would happen,I didn’t go to work and have to be home to take care of baby and mother,and help her in breastfeed ,she is emotionally breaking down and She is in so much pain,we went to emergency of south lake at 12.30 am on Monday August 1st,we were there for many hours finally doctor on duty (dr A.shum) came and saw her and he was very sorry and apologized for our bad experience we had at birthing center and he prescribed my wife with some antibiotics and heavy pain killers and also said he will put immediate request to same OB to squeez us and see us ,(the OB on duty dr M.qureshi wasn’t my wife’s regular OB which is dr Chang )
Now you tell us what to do?
My wife needs immediate attention and I need you guys to send someone to my house to look at her wounds,we can’t come and wait in emergency and be treated like war crime hostages anymore
I will attached 2 photos from the wound
Eric kim (husband)
Tel 6474668222