My mother is currently a patient at Credit Valley Hospital. My family is appalled by the patient care at the hospital.

My Mom is bedridden. When she rings the bell to call a nurse, the nurse shows up in an hour or sometimes two hours. Her bed was once locked for hours and she could not get a nurse.

My Mom has bleeding issues, and was not charged until morning. She was soaking in blood.

When breakfast arrives in the morning, the tray is left there. My Mom cannot get up and eat so I have been coming early to feed her breakfast in the morning.

When doctors place orders for medications, and supplies, the nurses say they would write them in, but when we double check after a few days, because the supplies are not there. They have not been ordered.

My Mom was not being washed for a long time. Her friend who is a nurse at another hospital came in to do this.

Her bladder was not scanned for a long time.  Until, my Mom insisted they do it. They found a liter of urine and finally took action.

My Mom is on dialysis, and was receiving blood transfusions for her bleeding, which is a post-surgery issue.

One nurse asked me if the family wants to continue these things, in front of my Mom. This was very hurtful.

The nurses at the hospital are either overwhelmed with too much work or they just don’t care.

My Mom is not getting better and has been moved to ICU. With this kind of patient care, it’s no wonder she has been at the hospital for over a month.

My family feels she is not being given a fair chance at recovery.