July 14th, 2016 I had given birth to my second child at this hospital because I had such a great experience the first time I wanted to come back.

Second labour was different than my first and my little boy went straight into NICU because he was a little blue.  So after giving birth they asked me to rest then go visit NICU to see how he was doing.  Noah was hooked up to a heated baby bed and I still had not held him.  The dr came in shortly after I did and he told the nurse to put him skin on skin with me.  I think her name was Amanda – she was about 5’6 dark brown hair maybe 150lbs.   She argued with the dr and said no just leave him.  The dr looked at her in disbelief and said let the mom hold her baby.

Noah was released from NICU to go back to my room with me and thw nurse, Amanda, said you will be back.  Well not even 24 hours later – she was right, we were back because his respirations were high.   So when I got there Amanda was back on shift and came over and said I told you so.   I went back to my room to rest and came back a few hours later and Noah had been put on oxygen and dextrose on IV.  No one has let me know.  Amanda was not around and one of the other nurses had said go ahead and pick him up   Feed him if you like?  I said even though he is on oxygen?  She said its fine.

Amanda walked in and said what are you doing ?   Are you trying to cause Asphyxia and kill him?  I said to her the nurse over there told me I could.  Amanda said no no darling that’s the cleaning staff, do you not know the difference?

I then asked Amanda do we know how long he is going to be here?  What the cause is…this is all so new to me and I am scared.  Amanda said well your on cipralex right?  I said yes.  Amanda said that is likely what has done this too him from the shakes to the high breathing rate.

I went back to my room cried for the next 48 hours almost constantly.  Finally Amanda was off for the weekend and I had a great nurse who gave me all the info and had me breastfeed while he was on 02 and said there are no problems.  She worked with me to get Noah well and educated me through the whole process.