I was seen thursday evening by a emergency doctor . I had surgery day before scayphoidectomy and 3 corner fusion. being i had had two surgeries prior on same bone and casted i could see and feel the cast was too tight my arm was swelling quickly. Asking they contact my orthopedic surgeon from same hospital or an orthopedic oncall and no contact wth my surgeon and no attempts were made to contact oerthopedic doctor. the cover i had oncast was roughly removed then a little part of tenser was open at bottom of cast all they was pull both bottom ends and of course doing that only squeezed the top of cast wheres surgery was done. next was the attitude. days went by and swelling was bbecoming worse by saturday my arm hasàd completey balloned hand fingers and elbow . i th en went to my clinic in Casselman ansd was seen ammediately and asked why thursday at hospital did they not do xray or contact orthopedic surgeon. ithe hospital stated not doing xray . simply by sunday i was in so much pain and ecremely swollen i went bck to emergency to hopefully be helped witch should have been done thursday. with the file in front of doctor she never even open file and simply said oh did u break your arm, in awe i explained wht my surgery was and to my surprize she had never heard of this she stated. now concerned she started remiving cast in paifull and rough manner to where when removing top part of cast so rough that the scab that had started on surgery site was torn off by neglectfully removing cast . she then proceeded to manipulate my wrist and finger in a way that coul not and should not have been moved i almost screamed and to be honest was so aggitated by the pain and in shock by her misstreatment i almost fainted. i kept telling her i had surgery 4 days ago with plate in wrist and several screws told my wrist and hand together she continued with being rough and injuring even more then placed a full cast where no  room swelling and couldnt bend elbow any longer . by next morning i contacted my surgeon office at monfort and explained what had happen i was given appoinment for nxtday early morning.  i was told that they should not have removed cast or manipulate hand or wrist they should have contacted orthopedic surgeon on call to determin what process to take , i had xrays done tues by orthopedics clinc at montfort hospital. Thank god she did not damage bones or screws. but strained wrist  a new cast was put on and full cast was removed so as i could bend elbow and eventualy move fingers and to help with  swelling and circulastion. We are now 26 th july  and ive had to see doctors too manytimes since thursday . had to get medication upped to stronger doses and it has been very hard on my system being i do not take pain killers and with the xtra pain caused sunday by neglectfull female doctor at emerg . Now with this said ive taken pictures everyday to see and show arm swelling skin pulled from surgery site ,after communicating with several medical staff and lawyer i am officialy making complaint and filling .