To Whom It May Concern,

I wish to forward a complaint against the aforementioned hospital. My spouse Katherine Lubera a 28 year RN (Volunteer with Victim Services) was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday May 25th with a fluttering heart rate. She was subsequently released on that Friday. I had to bring her back in early am Sunday with the same issue. In the following 2 days all focus was on the heart rate with little investigation into an underlying cause! When they finally realized the graveness of her condition ,she was badly infected with ischemic colitis the probable cause. This diagnosis was made by an internal medicine specialist from St. Josephs who stated that the final outcome should not have happened!

Questions that need to be answered are as follows: Why were the Nurses openly frustrated with lack of Doctor support? Does attention by a first year resident cut it? Why did Nurses encourage us to forward a complaint against the hospital? Why did the hospital treat Kathys condition with tunnel vision? How could we fully understand Her condition when we could hardly understand the Physicians english?

Kathy sadly succumbed to her condition late that Thursday June 2nd with organ shutdown from being septic from the ischemic colitis. The care from the Doctors was abysmal!