my mother was admitted 8 days ago with a urinary tract infection which came about as a result of major cancer surgery.  This is not our issue, we understand that this sometimes happens.  What we are complaining about is the lack of communication between the doctors, nurses and ourselves.  my mother was prescribed antibiotics to fight the infection – the first was restistant and the second has only been administered for approx. 2 days successfully.  because of her frailness and her mental state she wasn’t able to take the pills which were prescribed to her.  she was given the antibiotics in liquid form on the 14th june.  she rejected them by spitting it out.  I was contacted by one of the nurses on the 15th June that they were very concerned that she wasn’t receiving any medication to fight the infection and she was hallucinating.  the doctor in charge was called at 4:00 pm and told us she would receive antibiotics and fluids by IV.  It is now 11:00 pm and she still hasn’t been given any medication at all.  after several calls to the ward we were told that the medication hasn’t been delivered by the pharmacist.  I would hope that in a hospital the size of juravinski that  the pharmacy would be on-site.  how long does it take to deliver the medicine to the ward?  we have phoned repeatedly and after being told that it will be delivered soon, we were very frustrated that it takes so long to deliver a simple antibiotic.  We tried calling patient relations but the voice mail said it may take two days to get back to us.  I told one of the nurses on the ward that I will call every hour until she receives her medicine.  I am so disappointed with the lack of both responsibility and communication of the LEADING cancer hospital – our experience has been less than favourable .