I took an ambulance to Langley Memorial Hospital because I get very severe vertigo.  I was taken to a bed and ignored for hours. After a long time I was extremely frustrated and felt well enough to walk. I got up and started to walk out. I was tackled by a large staff member from behind who broke my foot in the process. He took me back to my bed. After I complained about what had happened,  the staff, embarassed, quickly discharged me.


I came back the next day and got x-rays done which showed my fifth metatarsal completely broken. They tried to get me to sign a release of liability in order for them to cover the cost of the cast. I refused to and they sent me a bill for the cast in the mail.

Repeated phonecalls to the hospital have only resulted on them refusing to acknowledge that this actually happened.  There was a surveillance tape that recorded the incident and it has somehow “disappeared”.

I am disgusted with their unethical and dishonest conduct.