I visited Victoria Renfrew hospital in Renfrew Ontario
On March 16
Came in with a really bad pain in my head the nurse who took me in to do all my vitals she was really rude. When I explained to her that I was just here not even a week ago with the same issue and that I don’t have a family doctor her words to me is oh well it’s just a sinus cold. And there’s a wait. I wasn’t expecting to go in right away but the doctor week before told me to get in if my head starts to hurt again right away.

Finally after waiting 1 hour I went up to ask for some meds because the pain start as a 8 then went to a 9.5 they didn’t want to give me anything the nurse. Finally gave me 2 advils form there waited another 2 hours and I hadn’t to go ask how long because the pain was getting worse the other nurse started to ask me more personal question in fornt of other patience I had to say to her ur not my doctor I’ll talk to her she shut the door on my face.

The reason I had to go into emerg is because I don’t have a family doctor and all my history is at this hospitals. After waiting 5 hours in pain to 9.5 I left because they weren’t doing anything

Just think our health care should be a little bit better and with good attitude form nurse I don’t want to go into a place that’s suppose to help me with cranky people