Waiting room times are ridiculous even if you are a “high priority” you still wait to be seen after people who are not an emergency, it’s a cold, go home! Then once you do see a doctor you talk to them for 15 minutes and you don’t see them again for a minimum of an hour and a half only to speak to the dr for another 15 min and the cycle starts all over again. Once admitted to the hospital the nurses don’t know anything when you ask them and don’t check into it, doctors don’t stop in to talk to you even if you’re scheduled to have surgery that day and they leave you with no idea what’s going to happen to you. Also while I was in the ER I noticed nurses and paramedics standing around laughing, chatting, while their patient is suffering strapped to the gurney. What the hell has happened to the health industry!? The neglect and uncertainty spewed by medical staff today is absolutely disheartening.