I was in Emergency of Friday March 4, 2016.

The Emergency room was over crowded and we
were given a stretcher next to the front door.

The sliding door squeaks so loud that it sounded like an airplane was landing. I was there for 8 hours and it was beyond annoying.
There are 3 rows of chairs just in front of the door for patients to wait for registration. Hearing this noise on and off every few minutes would drive a healthy person insane. Also the staff that is in the front line have to deal with this annoying sound while trying to work.

I noticed on a tv screen that the hospital raised 60 million dollars. I personally have donated many times.

I don’t think it would cost that match to fix the door from squeaking.

Please look into this matter. I would appreciate a phone call or an email acknowledging this complaint.

I am at the hospital weekly for appointments I will pay attention to see if this matter has been taken care off.

I am sure that no one has mentioned it yet because people are too sick and upset when they are at Emergency.

Off all the doors in the hospital this one should be as silent as possible out of respect for the ill.

My name is: Mary Stathopoulos
Telephone number: 416-716-0884

Email: mf.carbone@sympatico.ca