My first two experiences with the new Oakville hospital have been far from pleasant. My real complaint is when I had to visit the emergency department on the evening of Wednesday 16th February 2016. I arrived limping badly with a very swollen ankle. Firstly I limped into a small room where they took my information and they glimpsed at my ankle. I was then told to go to a different area – nobody asked me if I required assistance, afterall nobody at that point knew what was wrong and walking on my ankle could have been doing it damage. I actually asked the woman how far I had to walk as this might be difficult for me. She reluctantly, almost with a sigh, said she would get me a wheelchair. She wheeled me to the new area and told me to move off the chair into the waiting room chairs, again no assistance or offer of any. I was then called into a room, again no assistance or offer of any. I was then sent to a new area to wait for an xray, no assistance or offer of any assistance. The young girl then came out and led me through to the xray dept., she was very sympathetic to my obvious pain and looked for a wheelchair but could not find one. I limped to the xray dept. After the xray was done the girl insisted that I sit there until she found a wheelchair for me – finally somebody that actually cared. She wheeled me back to the area where I had seen the doctor where he told me that I had broken my ankle bone, chipped a piece off it. Wow so all this time I had been forced to walk on my BROKEN ankle. This whole experience was quite disgusting and I would like a response please.