I had called an Ambulance as my father was having a stroke , and lost function in his arm and hand momentarily, I had requested the hospital to be taken was the Foothills with no exceptions to be made, I was advised he was being taken to the South Hospital , I asked why they were taking him there when he lives in Falconridge , They said foothills was full , later I found out it was untrue . Not only this but the EmS advised he was not having a stroke , He was then taken to triage told his bed was for urgent situations and he was to go sit in the waiting room , The triage said he was fine , thank god my daughter was there . After my arrival of 2 hours , and seeing my father in the waiting room very ill , i went to the triage window and was told hes fine , I then requested him to be in immediately , she rudely told me to sit down , I was in shock . THe most crucial time is 2 hours to save a life , call 911 for heart attacks and strokes , 3 -4 hours later , He was seen in the hospital bey a doctor , HE could have died , I filed a complaint and too this day have heard nothing back this was 7 months ago , we are contemplating hiring a lawyer , after this event, and seeing a doctor he was sent home at 3am ,and told if his symptoms appear take him to a hospital , He actually did have a Stroke and emergency surgery after we took him to the Foothills 2 days later , The people involved should be terminated , especially the emergency nurses and ems , If we were not by his side [ my fathers he could have died , I am sick to my stomach these nurses and ems have a job , How many innocent people die from our disgusting health services , Hire qualified people , I want a response from someone accountable .