Every hospital has their own hired prostitutes. Lets take a closer look at the prostitutes of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Tied for the gold medal are Cathy Covino (Quality/Risk management) and former president Andree Robichaud for showing true prostitute leadership. Cathy Covino and Andree Rochichaud have done a great job together at ignoring complaints about their hospital staff committing sexual battery by coerced (forced) medical treatment. This is just an undisputed fact. This hospital actually severly violates the law by performing forced medical treatment against patient wishes. On the bright side, both Andree Robichaud as well as Cathy Covino take complaints about parking spots very seriously. The silver medal goes to the new president & CEO Jean Bartkowiak. Jean has only been the new president since the 25th of January but already takes the silver for showing signs of true prostitute potential. Just like his counterpart Andree Robichaud, Jean also ignores complaints about his hospital staff not complying with the Health Care Consent Act and practicing forced medical treatment on patients. The bronze medal goes to the previous president & CEO, Dr. William (Bill) McCready. Dr. McCready gets the bronze because he’s a prostitute with a concious. This guy actually had the courage and decency to respond to my complaint but he kept true to his prostitute roots. Dr. McCready told me that anyone working in the hospital who is an independent contractor such as a physician or midwife can commit sexual battery, not follow healthcare laws and practice forced medical treatment and the hospital doesn’t care to hear complaints about it. He says that the hospital doesn’t care to hear complaints about it because they aren’t employees of the hospital but rather independent contractors. He went on to say that if you have a complaint about a physician or midwife then take it up with them not the hospital. Who will be the next prostitute president & CEO after Jean leaves? I’m sure we will find out very soon. Presidents & CEO’s don’t seem to hang around too long at this hospital.