I have some GREAT news for patients in Ontario! First, I’d like to give an update on TBRHSC. Andree Robichaud who was the former president & CEO of TBRHSC was nothing but a fat, slimey, greedy, spineless sleazeball who loved money more than she loved the citizens of Thunder Bay. Once she received a better offer at Rouge Valley Health System, she left TBRHSC in a flash. I guess she didn’t care about the citizens of Thunder Bay like she always proclaimed while she was president there. When I filed a complaint, Andree Robichaud sent me a loving letter stating that someone would contact me within 45 days, but no ever did. My complaint was purposely ignored. Lets move on to the man who filled the shoes of Andree Robichaud when she left TBRHSC. His name is Dr. William (Bill) McCready. I’ll give this guy credit. He had the guts as well as the decency to respond to me. Although he responded to me, he purposely reduced his IQ by 40 points in his response. What he said was above and beyond silly. Dr. McCready stated that physicians and midwives are independent contractors not hospital employees therefore they can run amuck in the hospital, not follow healthcare laws and abuse patients. The hospital doesn’t want to hear complaints about physicians and midwives, it’s not their problem because they aren’t employees. My complaint was about two nurses and a midwife though. Are nurses independent contractors to Dr. McCready? Now, lets move on to the current president & CEO of TBRHSC, Jean Bartkowiak. This guy is no different than Andree Robichaud. I have about as much respect for Jean as I do for the dried up dog feces on the bottom of my shoe. I had spoken to a woman named Nancy at TBRHSC nearly three weeks ago. I have all the details of the call saved. She stated that she was a supervisor there and would pass my message on to Jean. I told her that I would like Jean to contact me regarding my complaint because it was ignored by Andree Robichaud, and Dr. McCready did not address my complaint about the two nurses. She said she would pass the message along. Well, Jean never contacted me. HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS THOUGH FOR ALL ONTARIO PATIENTS. Ontario will have its very first PATIENT OMBUDSMAN starting this summer. Hospitals can no longer ignore your complaints, be corrupt, or cover-up your complaints. If this ever happens to you or has happened to you in Ontario then starting this summer or early fall you can contact the patient ombudsman who will then proceed with an investigation into your complaint.