This is a continuation of my previous complaint. I’ve had recurrent UTIs since being here due to my catheterization. Two occurred when I had a folley catheter (somewhat normal) and now I am having UTIs due to my self catheterization. I’ve read that about 90% of UTIs are caused by bacteria from fecal matter. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when doing this. I can only control how well I keep myself clean not how well nurses clean me after a disimpaction (bowel care) or urinary incontinence which also effects my rear end. I know from observation, even though I can’t feel everything, I’m not stupid, I pay careful attention to how nurses clean me up, many times they have not cleaned me to my standards. Another challenge here is that I cannot transfer myself yet, so I cannot yet sit on a modified toilet seat. The equipment and training here is limited. Once again not ideal for a long term recovering para who cannot yet enter the rehab unit. The risk of infection is much higher when you must lie in a bed and depend on nurses. So, I never thought that I had recovered from my last UTI and I kept complaining, I saw the signs; cloudiness, sediment. Nurses kept pushing it off to the next nurse on the next shift or would use a dip stick, which I never trusted. It took almost a whole week, 3 dip sticks, several complaints to nurses, and sure enough now I am suffering from a UTI – the last one never cleared up completely. I hate taking antibiotics, but am beginning to think I need a low dose over time at least while I suffer in this unit under these inadequate conditions.