Erica Moorhouse who is the program coordinator of the maternity centre at TBRHSC, Bill McCready who is the Interim President & CEO at TBRHSC, and Cathy Covino Senior Director, Quality and Risk Management at TBRHSC all promote and condone sexual assault of female patients during labour. It is against the Health Care Consent Act to force female patients who are in labour to have a vaginal exam performed on them if they have already denied this procedure. It is not only against the Health Care Consent Act, but it is also against the hospitals own policy to perform this procedure on a patient who has refused it. I spoke to Erica Moorhouse on the phone and asked her if the maternity centre still coerces women to have this procedure performed on them after they have denied it. She didn’t respond with a yes or a no, she just proceeded to explain the importance of this procedure to me. This leads anyone with common sense to believe that the maternity centre at TBRHSC still violates the law and their own policy by coercing women to have this procedure done, even after refusal. If that wasn’t the case, then Erica Moorhouse would have simply stated “no” to my question. These three individuals promote and condone sexual assault by allowing their staff to do this without any consequences and by ignoring complaints about this situation for years without any investigation.