I have been in this place a week now. I was admitted due to attempted suicide, and here I am in a noisy room with four beds and curtains. The other patients are elderly. I am a college student. I have received no treatment for my depression or anxiety. I was verbally abused yesterday by my night nurse, who was the only one I saw that night. They treated the panic attack they caused (not that they cared why my heart was racing or my temperature was up) by shoving an advil at me. They treated me more roughly than any other nurse when they were administering “care.” I had no idea if I was even able to request another nurse who I wasn’t afraid of. I stayed awake all night, in shock. I was also afraid to go to sleep. There are many other, less major ways in which I have been mistreated. It is obvious that nobody who sees me is truly qualified to treat someone with a mental illness. I am still stuck in this horrible place, still suffering trauma. My recovery from the suicide attempt is now severely impaired by the mistreatment I received here. My parents were let in to see me without my consent.