I wouldn’t make this statement lightly or say it if it wasn’t true. I would get sued if it was not true or if i was making it up. I mean the hospital can still sue me if they want but they will never do such a thing in a million years. They would waste their time, their money, and lose 100%. This hospital as well as their Senior Director, Quality and Risk Management promote sexual assault of women. They do this by forcing all women to have a vaginal exam during labour even after they have denied it, either orally or in writing. This not only a violation of the law but considered a sexual battery on a patient. The law is 100% clear on this. Every woman has a right to deny it and when they do, the hospital staff is obliged under law to respect the patients decision under the Health Care Consent Act. No hospital can turn a patient away for denying this as well. Believe me i would get sued for saying this if it wasn’t true, but it will never happen, and if it does it would be a quick and easy loss for TBRHSC at my hands. There is too much evidence in my hands of this that they are aware of. This hospital also ignores complaints. When making a complaint they send you a letter saying someone will contact you within 45 days, but no one ever does. I’m writing this to make patients aware of what is happening. My next step is to take this hospital to the courts to challenge their unlawful policy. I have no doubt the courts will find in my favor since it is 100% against the law to do this with patients.