..since my original post cannot be edit, I just updating the date and time of my arrival at the Hospital for tracking

What’s UP, the new standard at Mc Master Children Hospital, emergency check in desk. My son had a viral infection so decided to visit MCH emergency because he was experiencing difficulty breathing and other complications. We made our way to MCH children ward, and to the check in desk. Persons at the check in desk; a fellow, greeted us “What’Up, my response, what do mean by what’s up; he replied, what’s up, a second time! My reply, is this not an hospital, what is the standard protocol when a patient visits the hospital? He was surprise or confused, not sure. So I elaborate and advise him what he should be asking for; request my health-card, and reason for visit-simple! Did communicate my concern with lead night doctor but she already convince otherwise.

Oct 2, 2015
time: 05:50 am est