On October 15,2015,my 85 year old Mother,Elizabeth Ann Swartz,was admitted to Lions Gate Hospital,North Vancouver,B.C.
After one week in the hospital,,my Mother who was being treated,for a severe concussion,and further loss of hearing,was released and sent home,by Lions Gate Hospital.
The hospital was very neglectful.
No one from the hospital contacted the family friend,Coastal Health,,her Doctor,or myself F Ashley Swartz,her daughter or son,David Swartz.
I was two days shy of returning to Vancouver.
I had called the hospital,twice that day inquiring about my Mother’s status,and release date.
First call,nurses were too busy to talk.
This was understandable.
Told,her nurse would call me back.
No one called back.
Second call,early afternoon.
I was told,her nurse was eating her lunch.
She could not be disturbed,would return my call in 30 minutes.
I was informed,no one else could give me a status update.
No one,ever returned my calls.
Hours later,Richard from Davies Pharmacy called me.
They had medicine to be delivered for my Mother.
Richard was informed,she had been sent home.
I contacted her occupational therapist from Coastal Health,right away.
No one from Lions Gate Hospital contacted any of us.
I had provided all family contacts,from the onset.
I immediately,contacted everyone.
Lions Gate Hospital caused my Mother,more undue stress and confusion,to everyone.
No one understood how and when to administer my Mothers new medication.
Total chaos ensued.
Why was she released so soon,without any family or close friends and health support,notified ?
This in my humble opinion,is unacceptiable and deplorable.
There is just no excuse.
Who releases An elderly patient,in a confused,almost deaf state,without contacting family and friends ?

F Ashley Swartz