My 71 year old mother was send Civic Wed Oct 14th on the request of our family Dr. who seen my mother in her office earlier. My mothers foot was blue and she was in trouble pain in her leg. Doctor said it was serious, possible clot, please go to emergency. So off we went, got there at 4;00pm told the nurse the problem, spent till 2;00am in room to be told to go home and they will book apt with vein specialist . Two days later we wheel her to specialist at civic who told her she is not bad enough to be admitted, send her home told us to call family doctor to get pain med. until he can get CT scan sometime next week. Took her home, by this time screaming in pain. Called Dr. She called back ask me to rush her to Trillium on Queensway. So off we go. They admitted her and had a CT scan done within a few hours, gave her pain med. Surgeon than came to me and said she had to clots in her leg. After 24 hours to stabilize her they did surgery. My mom is now resting and recovering at Trillium. Trillium staff is the best. Thank you for saving my moms life. I have informed surgeon in trillium how mom was treated in Civic he was very concerned, Mom could have lost her leg or life. I will be reporting this to paper. If my mother had died I would have started legal action towards Civic. I still might. Thank you for nothing. Another thing the staff in emergency Wed night were all to busy watching the Jays game. REALLY. Never again.