Last night I had to take my 1 year old baby girl in an emergency in Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga because she was having fever. Me & my wife went to the hospital at 9:00 p.m. We were sitting on the bench for 9 hours because after the night doctor went off duty at around 1 a.m, there was no doctor available to read our baby’s test reports that were ready. When I lost my patience at 5:00 a.m & asked the nurse, she started misbehaving & called the security. I ended up missing my work today & had to call in. This is how a common man is getting health care. And this is not my 1st experience like this. It always happens. People are sitting with injuries, screaming with pain, bleeding but they are sitting in the so called emergency waiting for the honourable doctor who might come after 12 hours. But you can’t complain otherwise the hospital staff would call security. Free health care doesn’t mean that the patients should be treated like criminals or animals. This is a major issue. Bring more doctors so that a 1 hour visit should not turn out to be a 10 hour nightmare. Or stop calling it the emergency department because no where in the world emergency means 10 or 11 hours. Or allow people to get the treatment privately. Even if they would pay, at least they would get timely treatment.